Holiday Fitness Tips

Holiday Fitness Tips – What to do When You are Out of Rhythm

We all know how the Holiday season can throw our schedules for a whirlwind. Families are in town, yummy food is all over the house, kids aren’t in school, colder weather shows its face, and bedtimes are later. It’s also a season of happiness and joy that we get to experience with family and friends. How can we enjoy a season when things feel so out of rhythm? Here are some quick holiday fitness tips on rhythms for the holidays.

Holiday Fitness Tip #1: Allow Yourself to Enjoy the Food

If your family is anything like mine, the holidays bring in lots of yummy food that we normally don’t eat. And that’s just it – WE NORMALLY DON’T GET TO EAT IT. If it becomes a habit to eat a piece of pecan pie after every meal extending ongoing, then maybe we should have that hard conversation with ourselves. But if it’s not getting out of control, allow yourself to enjoy it! Your body can sense when you are stressed about something. Sometimes just enjoying the food on your plate is less of an issue than stressing about the food on your plate. So here’s the first of your holiday fitness tips: double up on protein and veggies. After that, enjoy whatever it is you have your eyes on!

Tip #1:
Double up on protein and veggies.
After that, enjoy whatever it is you have your eyes on!

Holiday Fitness Tip #2: Go to Bed & Wake Up at Normal Times

Now this might be a little harder than the above section. The reason that this is important is to feel that you are still in control of your schedule. Everyone knows how important sleep is. When our body is used to a certain sleep/wake cycle, tampering with that causes more of an issue. This is compounded and made even worse with all the other changes around the holidays! Will an extra hour here or there completely mess you up? Surely not. You know I’ll be sleeping past my normal 3:45 am wake time! However, being in control of your schedule and prioritizing your sleep is a great tool to stay within a healthy rhythm. The second of your holiday fitness tips is go to bed & wake up within an hour of your non-Holiday schedule!

Tip #2:
Go to bed & wake up within an hour of your “normal” non-Holiday schedule!

Holiday Fitness Tip #3: Continue to Workout

Just because we at CrossFit OYL (or your choice of gym or CrossFit gym) are closed around the holidays, doesn’t mean you should stop moving. Stay in your rhythm of working out everyday! Stopping that during the holidays is a surefire way to get you in a funk! Soon, your friends and family will start to ask “what’s wrong with her?” as you aggressively cut into the Christmas ham. To make sure that doesn’t happen, CrossFit OYL will provide at home workouts everyday. Get those endorphins pumping with a workout to make sure that you are your best self around your friends and family! Oh, and be sure to log it in SugarWOD so you’re still getting the normal interaction with your gym buddies!

Tip #3:
Get those endorphins pumping with a workout so you can make sure that you are your best self around your friends and family!

Holiday Fitness Tips include continuing to workout at a gym near me!

Focus on These Three Factors of Fitness & Health

Each of these points build off of one another. Food, sleep and fitness are 3 fundamental things that can either make or break you in life, but things you can emphasize during the holiday season. (Check out our most recent blog on the Five Factors of Health & Fitness for more info) To stay on track let’s make sure we are enjoying the foods we only get to eat a couple times a year, but also loading up on the important stuff. Stay in control of your schedule and make sure you get in your 8 hours of sleep! Finally, continue to move your body. Give yourself some grace and enjoy this time! We all know things tend to get crazy during the holidays, but these 3 things can help find an out of rhythm rhythm for the holidays!

We Can Help

Holiday Fitness Tips are nice, but what we really need is long term accountability. That’s what we do best at CrossFit OYL! Our coaches take any person and lead them through group fitness classes and Nutrition & Habit coaching in order to help them reach their goals. Here at CrossFit OYL, we help you workout so you can get fit and live a healthy life. If that sounds like you, we’d love to get in touch to see how we can best help you!

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